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UK China Student Union (UCSU)


UCSU provides educatonal support and guardianship services to international students in the UK. 

When children come to study in the United Kingdom and their parents are not around, the education guardians will perform parents’ duty on behalf of them. In a country where language is non-mother-tongue, without understanding of the native educational system, living habits and the ways of doing things, which not only bring inconvenience to students’ study and life, also affect their psychological development. In this circumstance, the education guardians play an extremely important role. Education guardians provide 24-hour emergency contact and take appropriate measures. Besides, the education guardians will also help children to deal with the problems they are facing. When necessary, the education guardians will visit students and communicate with schools instead of parents.

In the United Kingdom, all the well-known boarding schools require international students to have a British guardian when they stay in the United Kingdom for study. Guardian, who is the representative of child’s parents in the United Kingdom, provides care and assistance to child and performs the guardianship on behalf of the child’s parents. In short, guardian plays a role of a bridge between children, parents and schools.


Our advantages

Our advantages are that we can provide a good communication among parents, schools and children, coupled with patience and meticulous service, so that parents could rely on us completely. Most of our team members are excellent teachers with many year of experience in education from the north and south of China; additional, we all have studied in the United Kingdom and obtained the Master’s Degree; these backgrounds enrich our life and education experience and improve our bilingual ability in both China and the United Kingdom.


Most students at independent schools will live with the home-stay families during holidays. During this time, the home-stay families will take care of their daily life.


Most of the families we arranged for students are the native British who verified by

The British Criminal Records Bureau, as well as the Local Child Protection Association. Before arrangement of a family for student, we will check and understand the specific information of the family by ourselves. After the arrival of a child, we will keep close contact with the child and the family; and will visit and check the family regularly.

Our services 



  • 24-hour emergency contact.

  • Communication among parents, schools and student.

  • Arrange visits after the new student arriving in UK.

  • Assist to arrange visits to school and their child for parents.

  • Provide mobile phone card and 20 pounds of phone recharges.

  • Assist to recharge phone card.




  • Provide training service before going.

  • Assist to open a bank account.

  • Assist to deal with doctor registration.

  • Help manage the pocket money.

  • Help book the air ticket.

  • Arrange accommodation outside school in holidays.

  • Arrange the transport and pickup between school and home-stay family during the holidays.

  • Give birthday greeting and birthday card.

  • Give moon cakes on Mid-autumn Day.




  • Provide guidance service before study.

  • Provide guide to select the subjects.

  • Attend parents’ meeting on behalf of parents.

  • Provide translation for student’s study report.

  • Notify the tuition bill.

  • Arrange tutorial for IELTS and specialized courses.

  • Provide guidance for the courses of GCSE and A Level.

  • Give guide to write PS and fill UCAS.




  • Assist to register in police station, renew and change passport.

  • Provide invitation letter from school to parents.

  • Provide professional psychological counseling.



If you are interested in our guardianship services and wish to know more, please send us an E-mail to:

For urgent issue regarding our current students, please contact: 07711893437 or 07475464668.

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